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At Sysorex our mission is to give businesses the ability to blend virtual data with physical data to improve operations, better understand customers, and discover new opportunities

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Unified Real Time Locationing for Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices



SQL-based Supercomputing Data Analytics Platform designed for the enterprise

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  • June 7, 2016
    Excerpt from: The Wall Street Journal Esther Fung June 7, 2016. Shopping malls are going high-tech. Making technology investments to improve customer experiences has traditionally been the domain of retailers, which have introduced robots, touch-screen mirrors and virtual-reality goggles to attract shoppers to their stores in recent years. … “We’re bringing the same analytics Amazon used to crush bricks-and-mortar retailers into ... Read
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Do we have an over-reliance on data?

Recently, a rather alarming headline appeared in my news feed (”Data dangers: Why publishers' over-reliance on data puts them at risk”.) The author believes that newspapers publishers’ reliance on customer data makes them “vulnerable” because ad blockers and customer privacy legislation will lead to data scarcity. He makes an interesting point. Blockers and legislation will shape how data is collected and used. But, in this age of information, I’m not sure that data can be overly-relied upon. And, there are best practices when working with data that’s been acquired from website visitors which can mitigate concerns about data scarcity: Handle [...]

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